Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Korean Culture Program for International Students in Korea:

Korea’s Traditional Tea Culture

The Korean Culture Program for International Students in Korea will be held on July 7-9, 2010, in Buyeo and Jeolla Province.

The participants will attend informational lectures on Korean tea and its significance to everyday life, participate in pottery-making, visit a tea field for tea-leaf picking and enjoy Korean tea, during the three day-program.

This program is co-organized by the Korea Foundation Cultural Center and the Training Center for Traditional Culture of the Korean National University of Cultural Heritage. Application Deadline is June 24, 2010.

For more detailed information, visit the following link :

https://www.kfcenter.or.kr:444/english/community/01_read.asp? no=4344&page=1&forum_id=bbs_1e&part=&startpage=&searchKey=&searchType=  

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