Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Korean girl groups to conquer Tokyo

Korean girls are everywhere in Tokyo. As Korean girl groups are rushing to debut in Japan, their promotion posters and electronic boards are sprawling.

Kara, who will its debut on Aug. 11, is grabbing Japanese attention, by showing their music video on the electronic board at the center of Shibuya. Kara’s music video commercial appears on LCD electronic board every two hours, along with signs announcing Kara’s debut.

Girls’ Generation is also on promotion. They will release their DVD on the same day. They are promoting themselves in big posters at subway stations of Shinjuku and Roppongi. By the fact that it is only DVD, it can be seen that Japanese management has huge expectations on Girls’ Generation.

Unlike in Korea, they use more of offline promotions in Japan. Artists can know how famous they are by how much they appear on electronic boards and posters. With the promotion in Japan about Kara and Girls’ generation, newbie in Japan, it is highly probable for them to be successful in Japan. 

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