Saturday, September 18, 2010

110 favorable walking locations in Seoul

110 favorable walking locations in Seoul

The 110 favorable walking locations selected by Seoul City will be introduced on the Ecological Information System homepage ( starting Sept.17, a city spokesman said Thursday.

The selected locations are largely divided into five, including 42 wood paths, 12 streamside paths, 17 park paths, 17 historical and cultural paths, and 22 forest touring paths.

The recommended locations for wood path are the wood trail in the Mt. Jiyang and the Gangdong Green Way. For streamside path, Songpasori path and Yangjae streamside path are selected.

Seonjeongneung path, Deoksugung stone wall sideway, and Hongneung arboretum are the selected locations for the path where building historical and cultural experiences is available.

For forest touring path, Mt. Inwang, Mt. Acha, and Mt. Baebong are chosen for providing a touring guide. Already popularly used traveling location Mt. Nam, the round path of the Mt. Bulam in Nowon, and the forest path of the Mt. Dobong are selected locations where ecological and cultural experiences can be built.

The total length of the selected 110 paths is 720 km, and the length exceeds 1000 km if Seoul round path in 220km and the south and north sideway of Han River in 70km are added.

The selected locations are the ones recommended by autonomous regions and citizens since the end of the last year. After the recommendation was made, Seoul started to collect the photos and GPS information of the locations through visiting each one.

The location, distance, traveling time, transportation information, and nearby popular spots of the selected places can be checked on the homepage.

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