Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Free Jazz Concerts all September in Seoul Plaza

In September, Seoul Plaza comes alive with the sound of jazz. Enjoy classic jazz (so-called “old jazz”) by representative Korean masters like Jeon Yun-hwan and Malo, as well as a number of other traditional programs specifically geared for international travelers. Of course, there are also a few more modern artists including the up-and-coming punk/alternative group Super Kid. 

‘Culture and Art in Seoul Plaza,’ which first raised its curtain in 2007, has staged over 320 performances in the past few years, drawing the attention of both locals and international visitors and becoming one of the landmark events of downtown Seoul. This year, performances will run from September 2nd to October 9th and will include dance, acoustic guitar, orchestra, rock, piano, and jazz performances. Admission is free of charge.

DatePerformance TitlePerformers
SSep. 2nd (Thu)Night with String and Live MusicThe String Chamber Music of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, SuperKidd, Hot Potato
Sep. 3rd (Fri)Crossover Music FestivalWoodwind Ensemble of Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, Korea Brass Choir, Jazz Pianist ‘Jeon Yun-han,’ and ’Rubin’ the guitarist
Sep. 4th (Sat)Jazz NightJazz pianist ‘Min Gyeong-In’ & jazz vocalist ‘Yi Gyeong-woo,’ Pianist ‘Yi Woo-Chang Sextet’ & vocalist ‘Hye-Mi,’ saxophonist ‘Im Dal-Gyun,’ and drummer ‘Ryu Bok-Seong’
Sep. 5th (Sun)Jazz Night ⅡSin Gwan-Ung Big Band & Malo, Kim Jun, Yi Jeong-Sik, Swing Dance
Sep. 14th (Sat)Folk Night with tbsBak Hak-gi, Bak Seung-Hwa from Glass Box, Gang In-Bong from Wooden Bike, Lee Dong-Eun from Liar Band
Sep. 17th (Fri)Seoul Creative MusicalSeoul Creative Musial, violinist ‘Eugene Park’
Sep. 18rh (Sat)When Dance, Classical and Gayageum Music Meet Jazz‘I Dance Company’ jazz dance corps, ‘Quartet X,’ ‘Jeong Min-A’ the modern gayageum player
Sep.23rd (Thu)Chuseok Holidays
‘Forest of Wind,’ Jango Ensemble
Sonagi Project
Oct. 7th (Thu)Rudiger’s Friends‘Rudiger’s Friends’ (four musicians) and Rudiger, world music expert, followed by ‘Mr. PlayBoy’ (three counter tenors)
Oct. 9th (Sat)Last Concert 2010‘Gangsane’ (rock performer), ‘La Ventana’, ‘ violinist Jeong Yu-Jin’ and guitarist ‘Seo Jeong Sil’

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