Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hi Seoul Festival

The 2010 Hi Seoul Festival will take place at the Han River Park and Gwanghwamun Plaza from Oct. 2 to Oct. 10, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced yesterday.

The event, titled “Motion in Seoul, Emotion in Seoul,” is meant to convey the message that music and body language can be used to overcome language barriers, the government said.

The fireworks show will be held Oct. 1 to start off the festival. It will be held at Yeouido Han River Park.

The festival will feature more than 200 nonverbal performances, including the two award-winning Korean productions “Nanta” and “Jump.” The program also will feature mime, circus acts and puppet shows by 70 different companies from 13 countries. For the finale, there will be street performances at Banpo Han River Park and a parade that will go over the submerged bridge. The festival will also provide space for an eco-market and the NGO Good Neighbors will host a “good consumer campaign.” 

“This is the eighth annual Hi Seoul Festival and I believe that it’s slowly becoming a festival that represents Seoul,” said Lee Hyun-ah, marketing team manager for the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. “People will be able to enjoy performances for free and share their experiences.” 

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