Sunday, September 19, 2010

Places to visit in Seoul 2

Namsan (Mt.), resting in the heart of the city, and other mountains such as Bukhansan (Mt.), Dobongsan (Mt.), Gwanaksan (Mt.) and Cheonggyesan (Mt.) have promenades facilitating an easy stroll, as well as apparatus for stretching and light exercise positioned at their entrances.

Hangang (river), which runs through Seoul, offers spaces near perfect for refreshing and toning up the body and mind. It is a heavenly place for sports and leisure, and activities available here include sports like football, basketball, jogging, bicycling and in-line skating, as well as aquatic activities like swimming, waterskiing and yachting.
A lot of Seoul’s streams like Cheonggyecheon, Yangjaecheon, Jungnangcheon, Hongjaecheon, Anyangcheon and Bulgwangcheon, all of which run in, or near, the city’s downtown and residential neighborhoods, have walking and bicycling tracks and other sporting facilities where Seoulites can wind down. Also, a variety of public and private sporting and leisure facilities are available in the vicinity of most residential and office districts in the city.
Another blessing for Seoul residents is the four distinctive seasons of the city.
In the spring, Seoul becomes an enchanting place for a walk, where people can enjoy strolling fancy-free in the warm sunlight and scent of flowers blooming everywhere.
In the summer, it turns into a place with diverse aquatic activities available, characterized by the swimming pools, valleys and streams of the city. Autumn is the best season to enjoy outdoor life here. This is the time when huge crowds frequent the mountains and other sporting venues.
Even the chilly winter weather can’t dampen Seoulites’ love for leisure activities, as cutting-edge indoor facilities, as well as those of the mountains and ski resorts, enable them to find their delight no matter what the weather is like.
As explained, Seoul is the perfect “exciting and enabling” urban place, its man-made facilities existing in harmony with the gifts of nature.
This section features leisure activities in terms of sports, culture, travel and other areas of interest.

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