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Dream Forest

Dream Forest, a massive green park located in northern Seoul, is the 4th largest park in the city before Seoul Forest, Olympic Park, and World Cup Park. Neighboring with 6 surrounding districts including Gangbuk-gu, Seongbuk-gu, and Dobong-gu, the park was built on the land, 660,000m2 in size, where Dreamland formerly existed. Surrounded by densely forested mountains of Byeokosan and Opesan, Dream Forest provides diverse attractions to visitors, together with an abundant amount of natural vegetation. The Cherry Blossom Path in spring or the Maple Tree Forest in fall is merely a glimpse of the amazing beauty the park offers. Visitors will find that the landscaping works, such as Wolyeongji (Moon Reflecting Pond) and the Wolgwang Falls (Moonlight Falls), were designed after traditional architecture of Korea. At the top of the 49.7m tall observatory, visitors are treated with a panoramic view of the whole park and the view of Mt. Bukhan, Mt. Dobong, and Mt. Surak. Dream Forest was also built to accommodate various cultural venues. Dream Forest Arts Center, Concert Hall, Dream Forest Museum of Art, Restaurants, are all conveniently located within the park, making Dream Forest one of the most accessible cultural venues in Seoul. The city of Seoul invites you to the Dream Forest, the park made of dreams!

Admission fees
Park Entrance Fee : Free Fees may be required for Dream Forest Art Center, Observatory and other facilities.
02-2289-4001~5 (Dream Forest Administrating Office)
02-2289-5401 (Dream Forest Art Center)
Website (Dream Forest Administrating Office) (Dream Forest Art Center)

Visitors Center
Located near the eastern entrance, the visitors center is equipped with nursery room, wheelchair rental kiosk, and souvenir shop for visitor’s convenience. Visitors can also take a look at what the city of Seoul has in store for its future projects in Design Seoul Gallery. In addition, the visitors center also functions as an administration office for the entire park.
Design Seoul Gallery
Design Seoul Gallery, located on the 1st floor at the visitor’s center, is comprised of three components: Seoul’s Vision, where viewers can take a look at the future plans of the Seoul city government, Making Seoul Green, a comprehensive gallery of future environmental development plans, and Dream Forest Story, a video montage of the history and culture of Dream Forest played on a 3D panel displays.
  • Open hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed on Monday)
Chilpokji (Seven Waterfall Pond)
Utilizing the park’s high and low land altitudes, 7 small and large waterfalls are built along the stream that flows into the large pond near the visitor’s center. Having a rich ecosystem of its own composed of various water plants and animals, the Chilpokji (Seven Waterfall Pond) provides unique scenery for each season. There are 9 bridges built on the stream. The bridges are connected with the birch tree promenade and lawn field that stretch alongside the stream.
History Garden
Recreating tradition and spirit of our ancestors, the History Garden houses several traditional structures such as Changnyeongwigung Ancestral Shrine (Registered Cultural Heritage No. 40), Wolgwangdae (Moonlight Podium), Seokgyo (Stone Bridge), and Aewoljeong (Moon Enchanted Pavilion).
Wolyeongji (Moon Reflecting Pond)
At the center of the park lies a large pond that contains both the Aewoljeong (Moon Enchanted Pavilion) and the Wolgwang Falls (Moonlight Falls). Wolyeongji (Moon Reflecting Pond), as described in its name, is especially beautiful at night, reflecting moonlight from its bright shining surface. The Wolgwang Falls (Moonlight Falls), built within the pond, is another great landmark also providing a spectacular view at night.
Cheongundapwon(Lawn Plaza)
Located north from the Wolyeongji (Moon Reflecting Pond), Cheongundapwon(Lawn Plaza) is a massive lawn plaza, with its size twice as big as Seoul Plaza, built to be used for just about any cultural activities and events. To the east, a water playground for children is installed in front of the Dream Forest Museum of Art.
Iris Garden
Adorned with beautiful iris flowers and a series of small fountains, the Iris Garden located in front of La Foresta Italian Restaurant provides a great view for both the diners inside the restaurant and those who take rests or watch a live performance on the nearby lawn plaza. The water for the garden is supplied by the stream which is derived from Wolyeongji (Moon Reflecting Pond).
Cultural Plaza
A space in front of Dream Forest Art Center, many events and concerts are held in Cultural Plaza. The plaza is comprised of Mirror Pond, Jumping Fountain, Imaginable Children’s Playground, Hope Forest (Installation Art), and Bowl Plaza. For each season, different type of events will be held to suit the weather.
Botanic Garden
Comprised of a large underground parking lot and solar panels installed above its roof, with wildflowers planted on the rest of the land, the Botanic Garden was built with great efficiency. The wildflowers and trees also provide unique sceneries for each season the connecting deck at the top provides great view of the entire park.
Deer Garden
Located within the botanic garden, the deer garden is currently made home by 2 male and 8 female deer. The deer were brought from the Seoul Forest.
Dream Forest Arts Center
Dream Forest Arts Center, surrounded by 660,000m2 of green forest, is where visitors can enjoy quality performing arts as well as indulging in other cultural events that take place inside it. The arts center consists of a performance hall and a separate concert hall, a gallery, a restaurant, and a café.
Performance hall
Available for theatrical arts such as musical and opera, the performance hall can accommodate 283 viewers with their seats intimately close to the stage for the full theater experience.
Concert Hall
The concert hall is available exclusively for acoustic concerts and can accommodate 297 audiences. Its front wall is made of glass, letting the sunlight into the interior.
Observatory (Filming Location for KBS Drama Iris)
The observatory was built in order to emphasize the purpose Dream Forest was built for. It is a 49.7m-high, 3-story building located west of Dream Forest Arts Center. At the top of the observatory, the downtown Seoul can seen in a single sight. At north, the sight of Mt. Bukhan, Mt. Dobong, and Mt. Surak provides an amazing panoramic view. To the south, a breathtaking view of Mt. Namsan and Hangang River can be seen.
  • Height: Altitude 139m (Observatory Height 49.7m)
  • Open Hours: 10:00 ~ 22:00 (Closed on Monday)
Book Café
The book café inside the Dream Forest Arts Center is where visitors can rest their feet for a while. The café will be opening shortly.
Dream Gallery
Built with a unique design concept, Dream Gallery hosts diverse exhibitions from talented artists.
  • Open Hours: 09:00~18:00 (Closed on Monday)
Restaurant & Cafe
Chinese Restaurant Mei Lin
  • Location: Below Dream Forest Observatory
  • Seats: 160 (4 rooms)
  • Open Hours: 10:00 ~ 22:00 (open all year)
  • Reservation: 02-2289-5450~1
Family Restaurant La Foresta
  • Location: North of Iris Garden
  • Seats: 120
  • Open Hours : 10:00 ~ 22:00 (open all year)
  • Reservation: 02-2289-5460~1
'Cafe One'
  • Location: 2FDreamForestMuseumofArt
  • Seats: 40
  • Open Hours : 10:00~20:00 (closed in winter)
'Cafe Two'
  • Location: 2F observatory
  • Seats: Standing Table
  • Open Hours: 10:00~22:00 (Closed on Monday)
Transportation Information
Transportation to East Gate (Visitors Center)
Transfer StationTransfer Bus
SubwayStationTransfer LocationBus No.Bus TypeTime
Line No.1Wolgye50m from Exit 2147Blue Bus8min
Seokgye20m to the right
from Exit 7
(across the street)
Seongbuk 14Village Bus10min
Line No.4Mia Samgeori10m from Exit 1Gangbuk 09Village Bus10min
Gangbuk 11Village Bus10min
Line No.6Dolgoji10m from Exit 3147Blue Bus6min
Line No.7Hagye100m from Exit 5149Blue Bus10min
Transportation to West Gate (Observatory, Arts Center)
Transfer StationTransfer Bus
SubwayStationTransfer LocationBus No.Bus TypeTime
Line No.4Mia Samgeori40m from Exit 2
(across the street
to the right)
Gangbuk 05Village Bus5min
70m from Exit 31124Green Bus5min
* Due to dense traffic on weekends, public transportation is recommended for a weekend visit
Dream Forest Administration Office
Dream Forest Arts Center
120 Dasan Call Center
Tourist Information Center 1330

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