Tuesday, October 5, 2010

'Girls Generation’s and Kara’s hot pants not allowed!' in Thailand

With their popularity increasing all over Asia, Korean girl groups have become fashion icons to young fans. The trendy hot pants these groups often wear on stage have also become popular among fans, but Thai government officials are officially warning people against wearing such garments.

On Tuesday morning, TV channel MBC’s “News Today” reported on the latest fad of copying Korean girl groups in Thailand. Thai teenage girls are especially fond of hot pants that many of these groups wear, calling it the “Korean style.”

However, the Thai government has ruled hot pants as a threat with regards to dengue fever that is currently sweeping the nation. 

“Teenagers that wear the ‘Korean style’ short pants are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes,” said the Thai Deputy Minister of Public Health Anutarasak. “They should wear long pants instead of shorts.”

As many as 90,000 people have contracted dengue fever this year in Thailand and there have been 100 deaths. The Thai government is warning against short pants with maximum skin exposure because dengue fever is caused by a virus spread by mosquitoes.

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