Monday, October 11, 2010

KDI International Students participate in Gimje Festival

The Gimje Horizon Festival is one special event for those people who are into agriculture. As one of the most prosperous industry in Korea, the great agricultural heritage of the country is celebrated in a joyous occasion each year.

The glory days of Korean agriculture were never over. In fact, it just developed into the impressive industry it is now. No wonder the Koreans are whole hearted in celebrating this event because agriculture is a big part of their lives ever since. 

Korea’s agricultural heritage is no doubt great and the festival is one big reminder that the country is blessed. Gimje’s golden fields are shown off during the festival as they are very rich, although at times, forgotten by some.

Lady Danya is one special figure remembered during the Gimje Horizon Festival. She was the one who sacrificed herself for Byeokgolie,an important irrigation facility in Korea. The spirit of this maiden is being remembered during the festival week.

Other special activities that can be enjoyed during the festival include praying for prosperity and richness, traditional music promotion, sketching contest of rural landscape, the National Youth Samulnori, hand puppet play, oxcart riding along the golden file, and honey rice cake making.

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