Monday, October 25, 2010

Message from FSB Chief

The G20 has achieved much over the last year and a half to stabilize the global financial system. International 
policy development to strengthen financial stability has been proceeding according to the timetables agreed by 
the G20, and implementation at national level is taking place across a broad front.
While good progress has been made, 2010 and 2011 will be critical years for the most 
important pieces of global financial regulatory reform. They will largely determine whether 
we meet the reform objectives of creating a financial system that is more resilient and less 
prone to a crisis. The role of the G20 will be vital to address these remaining challenges.
The Government of Korea is exercising strong and effective leadership as the Chair of 
the G20 at this important stage. A key milestone for much of the financial reform agenda is 
the Seoul G20 Summit in November. The world is grateful to the Korean people for hosting 
the Summit and many other preparatory meetings.
This publication, prepared by the Presidential Committee for the G20 Summit, 
provides readers with deepened understanding of the role of the G20 as the premier 
forum for international cooperation and policy development in economic and financial areas. 
It provides useful information on the main issues of the Seoul G20 Summit under the Korean presidency.
The Financial Stability Board (FSB), which I chair, is working closely with the Korean Government to coordinate 
and monitor progress on the G20 financial reform agenda. This publication therefore provides information also on 
the current work agenda of the FSB. Working in close co-operation, I am confident that the G20 and the FSB will 
be able in 2010 to put in place the basis for a much stronger and more resilient financial system for the future. 
Mario Draghi
FSB Chief

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