Sunday, October 17, 2010

Smartphone application offers info on blacklisted restaurants

Samsung's Galaxy S

Seoul Metropolitan Government has introduced a smartphone application that provides users with blacklisted restaurants in the city.

The city government said Friday that it developed the program, “Seoul Safety Foodstuff,” to inform people of recognized and excellent restaurants.

The app is available for smartphones using the Android operating system (OS), and will inform customers of all food processing and preparation at the restaurants including where their ingredients come from.

It also identifies 441 restaurants that are licensed for food safety along with 5,500 that set a “good-example.”

In addition, restaurants that have been subject to punitive actions for unsanitary food will be disclosed.

Currently, Seoul government officials visit restaurants twice a year to check on hygiene, ingredients and food preparation, and issue safety certificates. Also, the city highlights restaurants that present the origin of their ingredients.

“If customers are wondering about the hygiene of restaurants, they want to visit, they can just touch on the application and they are able to get information about them,” said a city official. Those who want to download the program are able to do so from SK Telecom’s mobile T store for free.

The city government will produce a variety of apps in order to secure safety of foods by Nov. 19. Earlier, Seoul City introduced several apps for tourists, such as “Travel Call Taxi,” “Seoul Traffic,” and “I-Tour” that provide travel information.

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