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Firms to highlight IT skills during G20

The country’s telecom and technology firms are preparing well-ahead for the G20 Seoul summit, which is only two weeks away.

The government and many local firms are making last-minute preparations to use the global event as a way to present their advanced technologies to the leaders coming from all over the world.

G20 Summit Preparation Committee is planning to set up an IT experience hall that introduces 60 years’ worth of the nation’s cultural assets at the COEX Convention Center in southern Seoul, which is where G20 will take place.

Through the use of multi-touch screen technology, visitors will be able to touch and feel Korean traditional clothes and houses as well as other images.

“We will enable other nation’s representatives to walk around Seoul and naturally find the merits of the advanced technologies of Korea,” said Kim Yoon-kyeong, a spokesperson for the G20 preparation committee.

It will also feature the must-see places in Seoul, designated by UNESCO, on a large screen, supported with virtualization technology.

The 3-D broadcasting hall, which will be first in airing real-time Internet protocol television (IPTV) programs in 3-D, will be located next to the IT experience hall. The effort will be carried forward jointly with the Korea Communications Commission and KT Corp.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government also announced a comprehensive G20 support plan earlier last week, claiming it will operate a 4-D image room from Nov. 8-13, near the main event hall.

Samsung Electronics unveiled its high-tech 4G total solution at an event called the “4G World 2010” in Chicago earlier this month. (Samsung Electronics)

The images of Mount Nam, Cheonggye Stream, Gwanghwamun, Digital Media City in Sangam, Yongsan and the renovated City Hall will be shown on the LED screen using 4-D technology.

It will arrange a Seoul IT Tour for the foreign press and make use of the 12 high-tech bus stations around the hotels where the global leaders will be staying to show-off the country’s advanced technologies.

KT Corp., the main telecom service provider for the G20 summit slated for Nov. 11-12, plans to provide mobile IPTV services so the global teams can watch news in their native languages even while they are on-the-go.

The country’s biggest fixed-line service operator will give out electronic pads that are equipped with wireless broadband networks for the teams to enjoy mobile IPTV service.

It is currently working with the embassies of the G20 nations to air their national television network programs using its technology.

The 3W network wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA), Wi-Fi, WiBro will be available for wireless connection and a telecommunication support center will be established within the convention center, said KT officials.

It will continue to publicize the event using its micro-blogging site Twitter account.

“KT is not only supporting IT telecommunication services (for G20), but also putting emphasis on getting the word out about Korean traditional culture,” said a KT official.

LG Uplus, the smallest local mobile carrier, will participate in the G20 Communication Exhibition, scheduled from Nov. 5-13, together with Seoul City and the state telecom regulator KCC.

They plan to present the high-tech broadband convergence skills ahead of the summit.

Global electronics giant Samsung Electronics will create booths where the company’s strategies on green memory and green growth will be explained to summit participants.

The firm’s executive vice president Lee Yoon-woo is expected to take part in the G20 Business Summit’s green growth session.

LG Electronics is considering putting up 3D televisions and LED displays around the press center and the main meeting rooms of the COEX Convention Center. 

In a related move, the Federation of Korean Information Industries, together with the G20 ICT Policy Network, are planning to hold a forum on information and communication technologies called the G20 ICT Innovation Forum in the nation’s capital a few days before the summit on Nov. 9-10.

The event is scheduled to be attended by many prominent CEOs of local and global IT firms such as AT&T, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, KT and LG CNS as well as the OECD and World Bank.

The discussions are projected to be focused on ICT for smart and sustainable growth, achieving development goals in ICT, generating IT green growth and how to form global ICT infrastructure, said its officials.

According to a report released earlier by the FKII, countries are now making moves to achieve economic growth and improve quality of life by investing in IT, rather than proceeding with large-scale construction projects, in the global economy.

“It was found that the G20 members are putting in sums worth about $2 trillion to boost their economy in 2010-2011 and $100 billion was planned to be spent on IT,” it said. “Most of the IT funds will be used to provide tax incentives and give regulation relief or as direct investments.”

The report further elaborated that the G20 members are most likely to put in sums on establishing broadband networks, e-Health, intelligent transportation system, smart grid and e-government.

“ICT investments are necessary for it encourages high productivity and enhances economic competitiveness,” said Ahn Ah-won of FKII. “ICT allows us to adopt new skills, change the organization and add innovation to new businesses, which ultimately contributes to improving labor productivity.”

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