Friday, November 12, 2010

President Obama Commends President Barzani's Role in Government Formation

Baghdad, Iraq ( - US President Barack Obama congratulated President Barzani for his central role in bringing leading Iraqi parties to the table for talks and the resulting agreement. The agreement forged through President Barzani's initiative culminated in the Thursday Parliamentary session where a new Speaker of the Parliament and President of Iraq were selected after 8 months of gridlock.

In a telephone call today, President Obama thanked President Barzani for his leadership and reaffirmed that the US will continue to support Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

The US President commended President Barzani's efforts and thanked him for playing a critical role in breaking the political deadlock and in ensuring an inclusive government for all Iraqis.

President Barzani expressed his thanks to President Obama and reassured him that he is determined to ensure a truly inclusive and representative government is formed.

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