Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kurdish man energy inventions recorded

Qassim Omer Bindiani, a Kurdish inventor, displays one of his certificates./ GLOBE PHOTO/Qassim Khidhir

The Kurdish Globe

The future of energy may lie with Qassim Omer Bindiani

"If British Petroleum used my invention, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill last year would not have happened."

Qassim Omer Bindiani, a Kurdish inventor, has requested that the Kurdistan Regional Government open a supportive institute for Kurdistan inventors.

"I request that higher education, industry and youth ministries open a joint institute for Kurdistan inventors," said Bindiani, adding that the institute could play a crucial role as a bridge to build ties between Kurdistan inventors and Kurdish inventors abroad as well as between government and Kurdish inventors inside the country.

He said Kurdistan needs a technical museum for inventions created by Kurdish inventors. "Such a museum would open the minds of students; it would encourage them to be creative." He suggested a competition among schools to financially reward students who invent new things.

Most of Bindiani's inventions are in energy and have been recorded in the U.S. by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Some of his inventions are recorded in Russia, Brazil and Australia. Meanwhile, he has a number of inventions still under development.

He explained a number of his inventions to the "Globe." His first invention, a hydro electrical generator, is patented in the U.S. It produces clean water from a river with a simple, environmentally friendly process.

"The hydro generator is very good for poor countries. Poor countries can produce power without building dams. The whole generator will be under water and can be used as a bridge in the river at the same time," he said.

Another invention uses four turbines beside each other (in a row) in a dam instead of one. The importance of this invention is that water will not be wasted since it will be used four times to produce power. In 2009, the U.S. recorded the idea as Bindiani's invention. "The U.S. recorded it since they liked the way the turbines are connected to each other," said Bindiani, who has been invited to San Francisco to give seminars.

Bindiani worries about a water shortage in Kurdistan Region. People must learn not to waste water, he said, and the Kurdistan government should build many medium and small dams, but not huge dams--in Kurdistan. "Building huge dams will create a negative impact on the environment and destroy a lot of villages and green areas. Look at Sweden; in one river they built 13 small dams without creating any problems for villagers," he said. He lived in Sweden for 14 years and has Swedish citizenship.

Bindiani also invented the leak detection system to prevent oil or gas leaks in oil and gas pipelines and wells. The idea came to him when Saddam Hussein's army exploded oil wells in Kuwait in 1991 during the Kuwait invasion. Those wells polluted the Middle East environment. The invention, based on pressure, can close down any leak automatically if the leak is in the pipeline or the well, as well as in oil and gas well under water. "If British Petroleum had used my invention, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill last year would not happen." He has made BP aware of his invention.

Bindiani called on wealthy people in Kurdistan to spend money to support universities and scientific research. "Inventors only have ideas; it is the wealthy people and government who should support the inventors to develop their ideas and put them into practice," he said. He'd also like to give seminars to the wealthy in Kurdistan. His main support is Nechirvan Barzani, the former Kurdistan Region Prime Minister and vice president of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. Without Nechirvan Barzani's support, he would be unable to develop his inventions, he noted.

Bindiani now lives in Erbil city and gives seminars to university students. He is busy establishing a factory to produce a power transformer in the region.

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