Monday, February 28, 2011

Seoul offering orientation to foreign students

By Kim Rahn

Seoul Global Center is sending staff members to universities here to give new foreign students information that they will need for their daily lives.

In the orientation program, the staff will provide details on medical services and public transportation, and on how to get a driver’s license, cell phone and banking services.

Other information includes the location of libraries and large-scale bookstores in the capital as well as tourist sites.

The staff members have visited nine universities so far, and will visit Hanyang, Ewha Womans and Kyung Hee universities on Monday. The orientation will be given in English, while Chinese and Japanese will be available at Kyung Hee.

Besides the orientation, Seoul City has been offering various programs for foreign students ― in the Seoul International Student Forum participants visit public organizations, experience cultural activities and propose ideas for foreign-policy, while interns in Seoul Global Internship work at city organizations for a month.

For more information about the forum and internship, visit the center’s website at or call 02-2075-4116.

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  1. I wish,these kind of programs are increased more and more which cause a big change to the level of participants in all aspects like their capability to run the relevent topic which they run it,also wish that the participants have a posetive perception and appreciate it.