Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fortune Telling

Sazan M. Mandalawi

The Kurdish Globe
By Sazan M. Mandalawi

"I will read the palm of Erbil."

I don't believe in astrology, or anything else that tells the future, not even dreams. But I have had an insane moment lately. Imagine a little old lady sitting on a cushion with a group of women around her; all have their own problems and eager to know what the future holds for them. One by one the old lady takes their palms, looks into their eyes and starts her delusional stories. Or, she may look into the small cup and see the future shown inside. As I watch this happen, I laugh inside at the absurdity of the situation.

I doubt that these women can read anything, that just by looking into someone's eyes you can guess what they're encountering and somehow make broad statements they can excitedly say: "Oh my, yes, I have that, oh, what's going to happen?" and she will continue making up stories.

For this week's Memoirs, I am going to be a fortune teller. Yes, the little old lady Mandalawi, sitting on the cushion, but I am not reading the palm or the cup of anyone. Instead I will read the palm of Erbil.

Here is what I what I can tell Erbil, just like a little old lady would as she looks into the palm of any woman. "I have a vision. I can see it clearly in front of my eyes. Here is it is, can you see it too? The lines are clear."

"Looking into your palm I can see a lot of changes that will take place in your life. There will be many sudden turns and transformations."

"You are going to encounter different phases in the near future. The dark corner line goes right past the thumb to the end, a clear indication of a long life, clearly, you will live on and become stronger." Erbil, at that point would be happy, but only for a brief moment. And then it comes, the dreaded word: But.

"But be careful. By becoming pampered by the new materialistic side of life, you may lose those who love you most." That's when Erbil would gulp nervously and realize she needs to sit and think about her actions. "Without knowing, you may hurt the people who helped you be where you are today." That's what I would tell Erbil.

Erbil would then sit and think new things that have entered her life recently; she would think of Costa, Rotana, Tablo, Family, Majidi, Naza, Sofy and the Second Cup it's waiting for.

By that point, Erbil's eyes would start to have tears. "Don't worry. You need these new things as you are going through the cast changes, but you also need to take care of what you had originally. Don't get carried away and forget them."

"There is a line that is breaking at some point, which means the future is big for you, and it will become bigger and brighter if only you balance with the old and the original."

Finally, I would hold the palm tightly; look apprehensively into Erbil's eyes and say: "Be cautious, and know who your real friends are. Don't trust all of those around you."

I would hope by that point Erbil would believe me and begin to reconsider some of its thoughts and actions. "Know your interests well and don't always follow your emotions." And that's how I would end my palm reading session with Erbil.

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